What is ASD? How Can Support Services Assist?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental condition that can affect how a person thinks and feels, as well as how they interact in social situations. The word autism is one word attempting to describe millions of different stories.

Autism is frequently linked with physical, developmental, or mental health conditions. Individuals may have an intellectual disability, epilepsy, gastro-intestinal issues, ADHD, dyspraxia, anxiety or depression. The severity and symptoms of people with autism can vary and therefore autism is considered on a spectrum.

Autism is commonly present in young children and can be diagnosed in toddlers from the age of 2. As this condition has many variants, it may not be picked up in a person until a much later age.

Support service providers play in integral role in assisting people with Autism. These services allow these people to develop the skills needed to function independently or in a supportive environment. The earlier a child is diagnosed and the sooner they begin to participate in supported activities, the more likely they are to develop communication, social and life skills to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Autism cannot be described as one-size-fits all and it is good to be aware of this when supporting different people with Autism. Some people may overcome many obstacles and with the help of support services gain full time employment, learn to drive, live independently, take up a new hobby or activity and so much more. On the other hand, it is good to remember that there are also participants on the autism spectrum who will need ongoing and potentially full-time care and support.

No matter where our participants may be on the spectrum, their accomplishments matter to us as a support service provider. We are proud to see our participant’s results and goals achieved through the compassionate work of our support workers.

Here are a few of our participants achievements over the last 12 months.

  • Our participant’s long life goal was to skydive and our team helped them achieve this by taking them to the indoor skydiving centre. It was described as an ‘awesome’ experience.
  • Another participant’s goal was to obtain their driver’s licence. Our support worker helped with the study component and took the time to take them to sit their learners permit.
  • Another participant is a huge footy fan and wanted to meet the Gold Coast Titans NRL team. With the support from our staff, he was taken to their training session and had a meet and greet post training.
  • We are also providing ongoing support and assistance to help a few participant’s get job ready. This is facilitated by taking them to look at various options and potential avenues for study.

There is nothing more rewarding than watching our team of support workers and our participants work towards their short and long term goals. We hope to create more opportunities for our participants to self-advocate for themselves.

Autism is a vast and at times, confusing spectrum as there is an overwhelming amount of information on the internet. As a support services provider we are no experts in the subject, but we are doing our best to encourage our participants to dream big.

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