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Yahweh Disability Care understands that every individual is unique and has different priorities. We are happy to be a part of their journey and aid in accomplishing their life goals by jumping all the hurdles together. Our empathetic and thoughtful disability support workers are dedicated to making you and your loved ones happy. From helping the participant to develop a skill to finding an occupation of their choice, we do everything to help them realise their dreams. We provide gentle and loving care which makes the participant feel comfortable and boosts his/her confidence. The customisation of the disability programs allows us to offer the best in-home care and other support services desired by the family. We are skilled to provide every type of disability care that is needed by the individual.

Full-Service Disability Care for All

With our support, you can make the most of the NDIS funding and shape your life the way you want. Get in touch with us today for a confidential discussion.


What We Do

Yahweh Disability Care offers a variety of disability support under the NDIS. Here is a list of our services that cater to the needs of our participants.
Social and Community Participation

Social support is one of our commonly utilised services which allows the participants to become more involved in their communities and become socially active for improved emotional and mental growth.

Daily Personal Activities

Disabilities can make it challenging to manage self-care activities. Our forthcoming and pleasant disability support workers offer their help in food preparation and maintaining personal hygiene for perfect health and safety of the participants.

Group-Based Activities

Whether it is life-skills development or health awareness and learning, we organise group-based activities that are aimed at building the capacity of the participants. It allows them to engage socially and get educated or entertained in a friendly manner.  

Post-Hospital Care

We are competent in providing short-term in-home care after hospitalisation, which needs special care and attention. Our professionals offer acute or post-acute care that aids in the recuperation of the person in need of attentive care and nursing.  

Shopping Support

Mobility challenges can make it difficult for the participant to go shopping for essentials. We provide the required assistance by accompanying them to the supermarket, moving the trolley, and lifting heavy items. 

Travel and Transportation

We provide disability transport to participants so that they can move around freely. They can travel to work and medical appointments, go shopping, or fulfil social commitments with our support staff in tow. 

Respite Care

Yahweh Disability Care understands that family caregivers also need some break from their usual routine to maintain their health and well-being. Thus, we provide short-term respite care which is also beneficial for the person receiving the service.

Overnight Support

We provide support to people with disabilities who can’t sleep or agitated during the night Our support workers will ensure they are safe at home and give appropriate care they need. You can look up on google over night support ndis.

School Holiday Programs

We offer a wide range of entertaining and educational school holiday programs for children with disabilities or developmental delay. Our well-trained support workers are proficient in managing kids efficiently and professionally with their needs and care.   


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Care That Makes Life Easier and Joyful

At Yahweh Disability Care, we are focussed on transforming lives by offering unconditional care that goes a long way in establishing a solid emotional and developmental foundation for people with disabilities. Call us today for a confidential discussion.


A Closer Look at Our Diversified Services

We are a highly trusted organisation working towards disability inclusion and accessibility of all the necessary things for people with disabilities. Our aim is to provide special care for the all-round development of the participants.

Social and Community Participation

Access to the community can become tough with physical and mental impairment. We make sure that the participant becomes a recognised and respected member of society with regular interactions and engagements. Our social and community activities are meant to improve communication and participation to bring out the hidden qualities and emotions of the individuals receiving the care.

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Daily Personal Activities

Our dedicated domestic assistance makes it easy for the participants to live a healthy and hygienic life. We cook, clean, educate, and offer social support to extend a holistic living experience. Our support workers take care of daily needs and life skills that are essential for all individuals. From overnight support to companionship, we offer all types of support needed to live a quality life. 

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Group-Based Activities

Involvement plays a significant role in the overall development of an individual, and it has been found to have worked wonders for people with disabilities. We organise and arrange group activities that range from educational workshops to picnics and attending live events. From taking the participants to a game of football to letting them enjoy a day trip, we do it all.   

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Post Hospital Care

Recovering after hospital stay needs a lot of comforting and attention. We provide just that and a lot more with our post-hospital care. We stay by the side of the person healing after a small surgery or a long stay at the hospital. Our in-home care extends the reassurance to the family that the person is in safe hands and will be cared for with affection and benevolence. 

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Shopping Support

We make the boring shopping trip effortless and enjoyable with our shopping support. Our professionals take you to the supermarket and move the trolley around so that you can pick the products you want at your own pace. We help you to find the right aisle and grab the heavy items for you. We carry the bags from the counter and bring you back home safely while offering our friendly companionship.

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Travel and Transportation

Disability transport aids in independent living. The participant can enhance his/her mobility and travel with ease and comfort to nearby locations for work or social engagements. It plays a vital role in accomplishing daily tasks and attending appointments without any hassles. We also aid with the usage of public transport so that the participant can travel without dependency.  

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Respite Care

Family members who act as caregivers for children and adults with disabilities can become overwhelmed with all the work and emotional support. Our respite care service allows them to take some time off from their duty and work on their own well-being. We take over the entire caregiving schedule, and it acts as a welcome change for the person receiving the service.

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Overnight Support

People with disabilities need 24x7 assistance, and we understand this completely. Thus, our professionals are ready to provide domestic assistance which includes overnight support. We go the extra mile in making the participant comfortable at night and help them with all their needs at any hour of the day. You can rely on us for quality service.

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School Holiday Programs

The break time from school can leave kids with a lot of free time, and it must be efficiently utilised. Our support workers plan fun and safe activities for children with physical and mental impairment or any other disability that keeps them engaged and occupied. We create an environment for learning through exciting tasks that help in the growth and development of the children.

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Why Choose US

How Does Yahweh Disability Care Stand Out?

We have the best team onboard, which specialises in dealing with all types of disabilities and has a combined experience of more than 15 years. Whether it is autism, Down Syndrome, ADHD, cerebral palsy, intellectual disability, physical disability, psychological disability, Prada Willi Syndrome, Charcot-Marie-Tooth disorder, Parkinson’s, early onset of Alzheimer’s/dementia, neurological disability, brain injury, multiple sclerosis, or dyslexia, we have the expertise to overcome all challenges.

We cater to the needs of all participants falling in the age bracket of 7 to 65 years and help them achieve their goals through patient listening, unconditional affection and customised support programs. Our professionals are extensively trained and experienced in the field and are available 24x7 for all types of disability care.

Our support aids in the comprehensive development of the participants and motivates them to become more communicative. We emphasise on maintaining personal well-being, imparting life skills, and helping in the accomplishment of independent living. Our endeavour is to maintain optimum household cleanliness, help the participant with personal hygiene and self-care, and support them with other necessities involving travelling and socialising. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Most families come up with the same questions about our services and organisation. Thus, we have listed down the answers for the topmost queries that come our way frequently.

1.What is NDIS?

NDIS stands for National Disability Insurance Scheme offered by the Australian Government. It offers funding to individuals with disabilities to provide for the expenses related to disability. It allows individuals with disabilities to get funded for reasonable needs that help in capacity building. It is independent of the Disability Support Pension and universal healthcare. The NDIS offers three types of support funding including Core Supports, Capital Supports and Capacity-Building. The core supports include disability transport, social support etc. The capital supports are offered for high-cost assistive technology or refurbishment of house or vehicle. The capacity-building support is provided for assisting with the development of life skills.

2.Which Disabilities Are Covered by Yahweh Disability Care?
We have a vast experience of working with people with disabilities of all age groups. All our professionals are intensively trained in meeting the needs of people with a variety of disabilities. We have worked with both children and adults in the age group of 7 to 65 years with physical, mental or speech impairment. We provide assistance with mobility, social and community participation, companionship, domestic tasks, overnight support, post-operative care, school holiday programs and more. You can trust us because we make sure that the participant stays safe and comfortable throughout the activities and caregiving methods. Contact us today to discuss your needs in detail.
3.Why Should I Choose Yahweh Disability Care?
Our disability support workers are recruited after careful assessments and undergo the required training to deal with people with disabilities with patience and care. They work diligently throughout the day and provide support every step of the way to fulfil the desires of the participant. Our aim is to brighten up their lives with unparalleled assistance that makes them confident and keeps them motivated to do better. Our group activities help them to get involved with other people and build friendships and strong bonds that help in meeting social needs. We improve the learning curve with educational and skill-building activities that also aid in decision making and problem-solving.
4.How Do You Deal with Children with Disabilities
Children with disabilities need special care and attention as they are emotionally vulnerable and dealing with their uniqueness. However, every child is different, and our support workers approach them with a flexible and open mindset so that they can communicate freely. We aim to bring them out of their shell and enjoy life like other children through a variety of activities and tasks. From assisting in daily living tasks to building life skills, we work with them as friends and supporters. They can lean on us in times of need and get all the desired help without any inhibitions. We aim to develop their personalities in a holistic manner.
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Community Engagements

Support That Empowers Individuals With Disabilities

At Yahweh Disability Care, we lay stress on encouraging and inspiring the participants through personal growth-oriented programs. From taking them out for fishing trips and live sporting events to organising school holiday programs, we do everything to enhance their development. Our aim is to educate them along with ample recreation, which makes learning fun. Socialising further boosts their self-esteem and helps in building social skills which are essential for adult life. We strive to get the participants involved in tasks that make them feel happy and excited so that they willingly take part in the proceedings. It is never a dull day when we are around to provide our support.


Importance of Daily Life Assistance

Our disability support workers are adept at offering daily living assistance which enables the participants to live a dignified and hygienic life. Our domestic assistance involves cleaning of the house, dishwashing, laundry, and assistance of the participant. Our support workers ensure that the person is always safe and looked after. We improve their accessibility to the outside world through mobility assistance and social support. We strive to improve their capabilities so that they can enjoy more freedom and independence along with social acceptance. Our customised plans help them to meet their goals and maintain a safe environment around them which aids in their development. 

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