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Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions related to disability care for your reference.

Yahweh Disability Care has an experienced, reliable, and trustworthy team of disability support workers. We offer a wide range of group-based activities and take our participants to various experiences, such as Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Warner Brothers Theme Park, Gold Coast Swimming Pools and much more. All these activities are free of charge for the participants through our company. With our extensive experience, we extend a comprehensive service that helps in the all-inclusive development of the participants. We love what we do, and it is not a job for us. It is our passion.

Besides the fun and leisure part, we are also fully involved with the skill development needs of the participants. Our support workers speak to the family members to better understand the needs of the individual and create tailored programs accordingly. We spend quality time with the individual and understand their personal aspirations to help them achieve what they seek in life. From assisting in conducting daily household chores and maintaining personal hygiene to social and mobility support, we work hard to bring the person closer to his dreams. Our disability support workers not only assist the participant but also proactively take feedback from the family to improve the methods and make the programs worthwhile.   

Yes, our disability workers are happy to assist you at any time of the day or night throughout the year. Overnight support is one of our services which is often helpful for participants who need frequent assistance. It is especially beneficial for seniors or people who are facing mobility issues. Sometimes family members and caregivers are unavailable during night-time, and this is when we step in to take over their job. We also provide regular overnight support which provides additional assistance besides the family members, so that they can enjoy a restful sleep at night.

Your loved ones are in safe hands with our trusted and vetted professionals. Our support workers are patient, friendly, qualified, and empathetic people who keep your interest at the forefront. They maintain the highest standard of service when it comes to disability transportation, accessibility, companionship, social support etc. We go above and beyond to bring a smile on the faces of families struggling with everyday challenges. We understand the stress and emotional troubles that can hamper the growth of families. Thus, we make sure that we take away all such worries and fill the atmosphere with positivity and love. 

Yes, we provide both school holiday activities and day programs for all ages. You can trust us to help your child build capabilities and learn life skills with our help. We work closely with kids and their families to understand the abilities and interests of the child. After discussing the needs of the participant and his/her family, we prepare tailored programs. These enhance social and community participation and improve communication skills.

Holidays are a fun time for kids, and they should not be loaded with too much work. Taking this idea forward, we design activities that are full of entertainment and enjoyment. From taking them out on picnics to fishing trips and live sporting events, we organise a variety of events throughout the year for our participants. These help in getting them involved with other kids, experiencing new and exciting things and evolving with age. We also make sure that children do not miss out on learning during holidays and inculcate life skills while allowing them to have fun. The unique combination of work and pleasure makes them motivated and enthusiastic. They spend their daytime in fruitful activities and learn something new every day with our diverse activities. You can check our calendar to know more about these events.

We aid with all significant and permanent disabilities affecting people within the age group of 7 to 65 years. Some of the examples of disabilities include Autism, Down Syndrome, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, Intellectual Disability, Physical Disability, Psychological Disability, Prada-Willi Syndrome, Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disorder, Parkinson’s, Early Onset Alzheimer’s/Dementia, Neurological Disability, Brain Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, and Dyslexia. 

Our support workers have worked with people with disabilities 15 years and have the required experience and qualification to handle every situation with calmness. We pay maximum attention to the safety of the participant and make them feel comfortable and at ease. Whether the person is suffering from physical, mental or speech impairment, we can deal with them and work with them towards a progressive future. It is never too late to start. Even if the person has been managed by family members, we can take over seamlessly and bring about a change in the life of the participant. With our expertise, you know that your loved one will be moving towards a better future that includes improved living conditions, enhanced learning, superior hygiene, stable relationships, higher social interaction, improved health and much more. Our assistance helps the family members to enjoy peace of mind as they are no longer worried about the well-being of the person receiving the support.  

The best gift that you can give to a person with disabilities is social support. It enables them to become more outgoing, confident, inspired and driven. Social and community participation is one of the core support funding categories under NDIS because of its significance. It allows the participant to get involved in community activities and become a part of the social groups for the development of social skills. Our support workers take the participant to various group activities and social engagements so that they can interact with different people and experience new things. A few examples of such activities are going on a day trip with a group of friends, joining an art class or enjoying a game of golf. We even take the participants to theme parks, wildlife sanctuaries and swimming pools to help them make the most of their outing.    

Disability inclusion is one of our foremost endeavours, and we work hard to achieve it with our dedication. The activities are directed at making each participant feel like an important part of the group. We make sure to ask their feedback after the activity and adjust and improve according to their suggestions. We take this part of our job seriously and make sure that everyone is heard and understood.

We provide disability support services to everyone falling in the age bracket of 7 to 65 years who are under the NDIS plan. Our professionals are readily available to assist those who are self-managed or plan managed participants under the scheme. We tailor our programs and services according to the age and needs of the person with disabilities.

Our wide range of services can help individuals of all age groups to become independent and accomplish their goals. We aid in enhancing social and community participation, supporting daily personal activities, developing daily living skills, travel and transportation assistance, shopping support, respite care, overnight support, school holiday programs, and group-based activities. Our services help our clients to continue independent living in the comfort of their own homes with our thorough support.

The Yahweh Disability Care office is positioned in Bundall, QLD and covers a wide area in the vicinity. We provide our services from Northern Rivers (Tweed Heads) and Gold Coast to parts of South Brisbane. We cater to people who are 7 to 65 years old and are eligible for the NDIS plan. Our trusted and reliable disability support workers  are available for assistance at any hour of the day. If you need immediate service from us in the region, then you can book an appointment through the website. With our 24-hour service, it is easy to offer assistance immediately or for short periods as and when required.

We cater to people suffering from physical impairment, mental impairment, speech impairment, brain injury, autism, Down Syndrome, ADHD, cerebral palsy, intellectual disability, psychological disability, Prada-Willi Syndrome, Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disorder, Parkinson’s, Early Onset of Alzheimer’s/Dementia, neurological disability, multiple sclerosis, dyslexia, etc. Besides these, we also provide post-hospital care, disability transport service, overnight support, companionship for seniors living alone, domestic assistance to live a dignified life and social participation to become a part of the community. It is our endeavour to work to the best of our ability and be kind towards every individual so that they are able to open up and feel comfortable with our support workers.

We provide services to plan managed and self-managed participants under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The scheme offers disability support to people with intellectual, physical, sensory, cognitive, and psychosocial disability in Australia. The funding aids in accomplishing the short-term and long-term life goals of individuals with disabilities under the plan. The funding is based on what is considered reasonable for those individuals after the support they receive from their family, government services and friends. The primary budget includes the four main support categories comprising consumables that are necessary for hygiene such as continence aids, daily self-care activities that need assistance, social and community participation and transport assistance.

The scheme allows participants to use funds allocated under one category for another category, unless the budget is specified for items like special accommodation for people with disabilities, shared living arrangement, compensation, or prepaid support from the government. Besides these, the scheme offers capacity building budget, which is in tandem with the goals chosen by the participant under the plan. It does not allow you to use the funds of one category of capacity building for another. The capacity building budget categories include daily activity, health and well-being, home living, relationships, employment, lifelong learning, social and community participation, etc. Self-funded (Non NDIS participants) – customers can also choose to pay directly for the services they use.

Yahweh Disability Care was established with the aim to help people with disabilities to live a full life without any compromise. Our team of support workers is trained in offering disability support to individuals so that they can become independent and achieve their life goals without any hurdles. For seniors with mobility issues, we provide at-home assistance and support that allows us to help them lead a normal life. From bathing and cooking meals to shopping and visiting the doctor, we do everything for them. Similarly, youngsters who are suffering from physical or mental disability are offered customised care that includes skill-building, inclusion in the community, travel assistance to school or college, group-based activities to hone a hobby, etc.

We choose our professionals carefully. They are empathetic and friendly people who do not make the participants feel awkward or embarrassed. They work closely with the families to understand the temperament and needs of the individual and offer their caregiving programs accordingly. The participants are involved in a variety of activities that help them to become socially active and a part of the community. We keep their individual interests in mind while developing the growth and development programs. For more information on this, please book an appointment with us.

Our support workers are qualified and accomplished individuals who have been recruited after a thorough examination of their experience and expertise. Besides their professional background, we also perform a mandatory screening by the national police to affirm their reliability. Our aim is to find candidates who empathise with people with disabilities and are committed to providing excellent care to them so that they can lead a productive life.

We maintain the highest standard of care and give precedence to the comfort of the family and the participant. Our teams are informed about all kinds of bad touch and behaviour and are taught the right attitude and demeanour in an extensive training session. They are fully aware of the vulnerable mindset of people with disabilities and do not make any suggestions or remarks that might affect them. The staff members are specially trained to maintain complete sincerity and patience while dealing with clients and fulfilling their duties. Whether it is caring for seniors or adults or children, we leave no stone unturned in making them happy and inspired.


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    We provide our services to plan-managed and self-managed participants and are available at any time of the day. Our disability support workers help participants to engage in social or recreational activities with full enthusiasm. We assist with self-care activities during the day or night for independent living with the required support.

    At Yahweh Disability Care, we provide short-term and immediate respite care for caregivers who need a break from the routine. Our workers are adept at postoperative care which is offered at home so that the person can recover fully and get all the required support.  We provide transportation support to participate in daily and community activities without any delay or trouble.

    We also offer high-quality in-home care service, which ranges from one-hour visits to overnight home care. Our support workers are trained to provide care to school children and create customised holiday programs for them. In addition, we extend the required assistance for buying the essential items if a person is unable to do so independently.

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