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People with disabilities need an experienced and expert support worker who helps with daily tasks with a smile and gentleness. We keep this in mind while reinforcing a positive attitude in our clients. We strive to make them a part of the dynamic social life so that they feel associated and are motivated to achieve greater things. We guide them to accomplish their goals by involving them in activities of their interest and holding their hand while they find their way on the path to fulfilment.
We take charge of all the responsibilities from personal grooming and hygiene to cooking, travelling to work, pursuing a hobby, visiting friends, and shopping. Our assistance extends to making sure that the person with disabilities takes medication on time and stays fit with a healthy diet and exercises advised by the doctor. With our support, you can help your loved ones realise their dreams and goals and steer their life towards positivity and contentment.

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We create tailored programs for our participants after discussing their needs with their family and loved ones. Our qualified and trained professionals are skilled in working with people diagnosed with intellectual disabilities, physical disability, Downs Syndrome, dementia, brain injury, etc. We are adept at offering in-home care and have a warm and friendly approach that helps us to connect with the families instantly. From providing companionship to people with disabilities to developing engaging and fun day programs, we extend a wide range of services. Our assistance enables disability inclusion so that our clients can experience the good things in life.

We aim to provide a holistic environment through our disability support so that they can live their life to the fullest. Our staff have combined 15 years of experience and has helped them realise their life goals with exceptional assistance. We motivate and inspire our clients to overcome their insecurities and become a part of the community to live an enriched life which is filled with friends, fun and activities. We design and develop our caregiving methods according to the needs and age of the individual to create a service that matches with their aspirations and their family’s desires.

We have a team of dedicated disability support workers who are understanding and considerate of the needs of the people with disabilities. Thus, they make sure that all their activities are directed at improving the lives of the people they are assisting. They pay attention to the instructions and feedback of the family members to enhance the service and cater to their needs in the best possible manner. Their patience and kindness are the values that have made us a trusted disability support worker in the industry. We find support workers who fit right into your household with their love and care.

Carefully Chosen Support Worker for Disability Care

We choose the right professionals for individual needs so that you are satisfied with our service and are able to give the gift of independent living to your loved one.


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Why Choose Yahweh Disability Care?

We have been working with people with disabilities for years and have the expertise and training that makes us the best in the industry. Our vast team of skilled professionals have a combined experience of 15 years. They have the ability to recognise the social and personal needs of people with disabilities. Our support workers have been rated highly by satisfied families for offering exceptional service within their NDIS plan. We abide by the following values that allow us to handle our clients with utmost care.
  • Patience and kindness
  • Compassion and responsiveness
  • Effective communication and skill-building ability
  • Complete accountability and safety
  • Commitment to community involvement
  • Developing abilities and improving sociability
  • Dedication to creating a wholesome living experience




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Changing Lives for The Better

People with disabilities need the support of a knowledgeable and proficient support worker to help them become independent and comfortable.We mould their minds to help them develop unique skills that help them to find their calling in life and progress with a vocation. We offer day programs that are planned in a fun and interactive manner to provide social support. Our programs are prepared after consulting the family members and understanding their goals and support.We make every effort to make them a part of the community and build their personalities.


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Safe and Secure Assistance

People with physical or mental disability become vulnerable and dependent. We aim to bring back their zeal for life by boosting their enthusiasm and supporting them with their daily needs. From bathing and dressing them up to taking them out for a stroll on a wheelchair or to their next medical appointment, we provide support at every step of the way. We clean the house, prepare meals, shop for essentials, and take them out for social engagements and leisure activities. Our in-home support allows the professionals to provide overnight support as well. We make sure that our participants live a happy life without feeling dejected or lonely.

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A Few Kind Words from Our Clients & Other Stakeholders
Amazing compassionate service. Shone always seems to exceed my expectations!
Peter St Henry
Peter St Henry
On behalf of my daughter and our family we are very grateful and happy with Yahweh Disability Care. They have been wonderful to work with, Lauren and Shone, Thank you Not to mention our Carer Teagan she is just amazing and we love her. They have gone above and beyond and deliver so much more than any other Carers Services we have had.
Emily Smith
Emily Smith
I highly recommend this company for their excellent work.All their support workers are very professional and friendly. They make their participates and their families so comfortable and happy.
Ps Grace Vargas
Ps Grace Vargas
Shone and his team have been doing amazing work! Anytime I’ve talked to his team they have always been fun, bubbly and optimistic; creating a welcoming environment for team members and whoever they are with at the time.
Tyron Wilmot
Tyron Wilmot
I love working for this company, the support from colleagues is amazing and I really enjoy making a positive contribution to our clients lives. From the top to the bottom everyone is happy and genuine and I feel more valuable with this company than any of the others I’ve worked for. 10 out of 10.
Tony Jansen
Tony Jansen
Excellent Service from everyone at Yahweh Disability Care, Such lovely people, excellent activities always keeping a busy approach to all their participants with never a dull day! I am amazed by such variety they have each and every month and I’m excited for what Yahweh has to offer for the future:) 10/10 ⭐️
Holistic Soul Wellness
Holistic Soul Wellness
The best and the most trustworthy company on the Gold Coast for Disability services. Highly Recommended.
Shrey Baluja
Shrey Baluja
Shone and his new team are absolutely caring and supportive in everything they do. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing some extra disability support. They really take a keen interest in their clients and responsibilities and always go the extra mile.
Agent Digital
Agent Digital

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